Retro Photo Booth

This is booth is old school cool and a hit at any event!

a retro photo booth with a red curtain
a retro photo booth with a red curtain

Rediscover Nostalgia with our Retro Photo Booth

Transport yourself to a bygone era of charm, elegance, and vintage allure with our Retro Photo Booth. At Belleville Photo Booth, we're delighted to introduce this timeless addition to our collection, bringing a touch of nostalgia and classic style to your modern event.

Capturing Vintage Glamour

Our Retro Photo Booth is a tribute to the golden days of glamour and sophistication. Step inside and instantly feel the embrace of vintage aesthetics – from the classic wooden design to the sepia-toned prints reminiscent of old Hollywood. This is your chance to capture moments that exude the timeless elegance of days gone by.

Unveil Your Inner Icon

The Retro Photo Booth isn't just about capturing photos; it's about unveiling your inner icon. Channel the charisma of the past as you strike a pose, donning our curated collection of vintage props that harken back to a simpler time. From fedoras to feather boas, each prop adds a touch of authenticity to your snapshots.

Timeless Memories, Modern Convenience:

While our Retro Photo Booth captures the essence of the past, it's equipped with cutting-edge technology for the modern age. High-quality prints, DSLR camera, and a user-friendly interface provide you and your guests with the best of both worlds – nostalgic charm and contemporary convenience.